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Attuned | Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

the gist

Deciphering the unique magic of a very complex SaaS tool for messaging as attractive (and as digestible) as candy.

the ask

A complicated b2b SaaS tool asked, “We know we’re onto something magic. What is it, exactly?

the insight

Intrinsic motivation is what personalizes the experience = the magic.

the solution

Make the intrinsic motivation aspect of the tool “pop” with colorful, easy-to-understand messaging,  and appeal to our hardwired tribalism to encourage people to try it.

the client

Attuned is a psychology-based B2B SaaS tool entering the employee engagement market.

Created by an extremely prodigious people analytics geek, the brilliant core of the tool was marred by difficult-to-understand use cases.

Ahead of a major employee engagement conference, the client needed a message that distinguished itself from its competitors.  The problem was that the clients themselves were not quite sure what that was.

the problem

Ahead of its debut appearance at a major U.S. employee engagement conference, Attuned needed a message that distinguished itself from its competitors. 

The problem was that the clients themselves were not quite sure what that was.

This is the CTO. This picture makes me proud.

The tool wins over nearly anyone who tries it, but most don’t feel the urge to try it.  The client needed messaging that was understandible enough and attractive enough to lure them in.

Essentially, “tell us what we are trying to say.”

the opportunity

Intrinsic motivation is the magic

Looking at market research on other solutions to be represented at the conference, I found a significant strength. 

The value prop came from Attuned measuring intrinsic motivation, and in turn, it being completely personalized.  That personalization is what dazzles consumers.

Making intrinsic motivation easier to understand while tapping into the tribalism of online quiz culture would attract more people to trying the tool.

the solution

Team t-shirts for events
While some people are familiar with the idea of intrinsic motivation, they identify more closely with 

Colorful graphics stand out against the competition and compel attention, while also confirming the personalized or individualized value proposition.
One user told us her children were always attracted to Attuned materials.

 Promotional literature featured an variety of people aligned with different colors corresponding to each motivator.

Conference attendees were invited to make their own connection to their top motivators and wear their ‘hearts on their sleeves’.

Each employee “advertises” their top three intrinsic motivators on their personalized business card designs.

what i did

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative/Art Direction
Graphic Design
Content Strategy

i had help with 

Market Research: Daniel Bodonyi
Graphic Design (first iteration) : Maia Livov
Graphic Design (execution): Victor Queiroz
Kelly Kikuchi  2019