kelly kikuchi


About me

I’m currently a brand strategist at an ad agency.  

If I were a cat, I’d probably be on life #7 or so.

I discovered architecture at age 11, becoming obsessed with contemporary Japanese architects.

I studied installation art and architectural theory, thinking I’d go back to grad school for architecture.

The economy collapsed, so I moved to Japan to see my masters’ work firsthand.

I fell in love with Japan, but out of love (somewhat) with architecture.

I stayed in Japan for 17 years.

I got to do all sorts of wonderful things, like this

Thinking that the parallels between shoemaking and architecture were strong (form follows function?), I spent two years full-time in a bespoke course.

To my knowledge, I am the only Westerner ever to have completed the program.

As a longtime outsider, I have a lot of practice listening for clues, observing behaviors.

It’s helped me in my work, and in my personal life.

You have to listen closely to tell a good story.

Other very important things: Running/Walking. Doris and Henry. Laughter. Books. Music.